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Fish4Him Entertainment Announces Cameron Arnett as Director of Two Upcoming Television Series

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

By Pivotal Rachael Sales

February 1, 2021

(Atlanta, GA) Faith4Him Entertainment announced actor and filmmaker Cameron Arnett as director of the faith-based thriller Project Rapture and the TV series Special Forces Kids.

Cameron is known for his show stopping performances in the Kendrick Brothers’ Overcomer, the Erwin Brothers’ I Still Believe, (Seventeen Magazine’s Romantic Film of the Year 2020) and Karen Abercrombie’s Discarded Things.

He was awarded 2020’s Actor of the Year by the International Christian and Music Festival and 2020’s Best Supporting Actor by the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival for these roles.

Cameron made his directorial debut, however, with Mattie: The Discovery in 2019, winning best new producer, best director and best feature film among others.

Project Rapture is a government conspiracy theory thriller. When good and bad people go missing, conspiracies arise.

Special Forces Kids is a TV series about military brats trained to be special operatives in order to combat evil within the military.

Cameron will also be joining the cast of both projects.


About Fish4Him Entertainment

Fish4Him Entertainment is an independent Christian film company that produces, distributes, and acquires high-quality entertainment. Our goal is to produce film and television for all ages. Our VISION is to influence through media. We work across many film genres. We work from script-to-screen with a top-of-the-line professional look and sound.

Follow Cameron Arnett on IG @CameronArnettActor.

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