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Christ Over Career #ChristOverCareer is calling the church back to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Putting Him and keeping Him at the helm of every decision. We are the many, representing the ONE...through ALL means...TOGETHER!!!


We extend to you the opportunity to join the ambassador team for Christ Over Career! Be a part of an amazing collection of believers that are passionate about the Lord, His will, and His intentions for the body of Christ. Our ambassadors are believers who share their faith in the marketplace, and desire to equip individuals with understanding of the importance of putting Jesus Christ at the helm of their careers, businesses and therefore, lives. We come together as like-minded individuals, providing faith-based support, encouragement, and inspiration through social media, film and television, as well as our worldwide COC Movement Gathering speaking engagements and events.   


Christ Over Career is not an organization, but rather, a lifestyle being lived, declared, and promoted by each individual as an organized movement. Jesus is Lord, His word is truth, and our faithfulness is in obedience to Him.    


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Rueben Torres

"I am so honored to belong to a group of some of the most amazing, gifted, incredible professionals and born again believers in the entire planet. I am an Ambassador for #christovercareer  We believe in not only making Jesus part of our lives, but making Jesus the center of our lives. Letting Jesus be in every decision we make.​ God has a phenomenal purpose and plan for each and every one of us. It’s time to get in the game. Let’s each and every one of us put Christ over Career."
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