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BY Pivotal R. Sales, Camy Arnett Production Studios

March 22, 2021

2021 is proving to be another successful year for actor, director, producer Cameron Arnett.

On the heels of an interview with Epoch Times' Joshua Phillip of Crossroads gone viral and a successful run as a keynote speaker at the Texas based Content 2020 Film and Media Festival, the onslaught of good success has not let up.

Camy Arnett Production Studios is honored to announce that Arnett will be playing the recurring role of Joe Anderson in the faith based crime drama episodic Vindication.

He will be coming alongside cast members Todd Terry of Arlington Road and Breaking Bad and Peggy Schott of Fear the Walking Dead.

This Amazon series is directed by Jarod O'Flaherty, and is now streaming on PureFlix and RedeemTV as well.

Arnett has also been nominated for the 2021 International Christian Film and Music Festival's (ICFF's) Actor of the Year People's Choice Award.

This is the second year that he is up for this honor. He was awarded ICFF's 2020 Actor of the Year for his roles as Thomas Hill in Overcomer, Dr. Furst in

I Still Believe and Solomon Grant in Discarded Things for which he won best supporting actor at the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival.

ICFF is the largest national Christian film festival in the country and one of the largest internationally. It garners over 5,000 people yearly and awards films and filmmakers from around the world.

Earlier this year, Arnett made appearances on the BET + Original Redeemed and Make It Clear Studio’s short film Trafficked.

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Updated: Mar 24

Cameron Arnett's recent interview with Joshua Phillip of The Epoch Times reveals how this filmmaker is standing by principles to create films of value.

BY Pivotal R. Sales

March 7, 2021

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Camy Arnett Production Studios

"God said, 'Camy, don't make a film that has a great message without living a great life.'" This statement guided actor and filmmaker Camy "Cameron" Arnett on his journey of faith and integrity out of Hollywood into Christian film.

At the CONTENT 2020 Film Festival in Texas last month, Arnett shared this story with The Epoch Times' Joshua Philipp.


Arnett became known for his stance of leaving Hollywood at the height of his career. Having been on hits like Miami Vice, Doogie Howser M.D. and Star Trek: The Next Generation, he'd just been offered his own television series. When it required partial body nudity, he refused to compromise his values and walked away from the industry.

Regarding his choice, Arnett maintains that, "Our job is to always choose Christ. It's not

Christ or career. But make sure if you can only have one, that it's Christ you choose. If you're going to have a career, make sure He's over it."

Out of this conviction, the Christ Over Career campaign emerged. People all over the country have found encouragement in his rise from bankruptcy upon leaving Hollywood to becoming one of the leading actors in Christian film.

Supporters Justina and James Page took to social media saying, It's Christ Over Career for US!! Thanks so much for the shirt Cameron Arnett & BJ Billi Arnett. James Page has been rocking it!

Actor and writer Tonja Rene stated, I was given this shirt (and wearing it with pride) by my friend Cameron Arnett and his amazing bride BJ Billi Arnett at Content 2020 Film Festival Media Summit. I’m so blessed to be part of so many friends in the entertainment and media industry who are unashamed to stand for Christ and truth rather than sacrifice these things for a career. Our journey is unapologetically Christ over Career.

So what are those values that Arnett stands by and how have they translated into the rest of life? Principles of integrity and ingenuity are core values of Camy Arnett Production Studios, of which Arnett is CEO. Arnett told Philip, "The principles within my company are principles of my own humanity. Your team, your church, your business ought to be a principled centered business, a principled centered Church. You don't want to hear Him say 'I never knew you.'"

Arnett also spoke on the importance of Christian filmmakers esteeming the different messages within faith based content. Just as there is the five fold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers within the church, there are also distinct purposes within the industry.

"All of the five fold handles a multifaceted God and are called to different sectors. Film is the same way. Some are called to evangelize the society. Others disciple and give principles. We have to esteem them all. We have to be able to promote Christ with each other and not just tell a good story."

Arnett maintained that those filmmakers with a principled centered message are as important as those with a more overt message. They prepare people for receiving Christ through the promotion of values such as marriage, family, brotherhood and overall civility. They all work in tandem and must be respected as such.

Philip stated that the quality of faith based content has grown in recent years largely due to the contributions of filmmakers such as Kevin Sorbo and the Kendrick brothers.

He maintained that the foundation of a great film is seeing the heroes grow. It's them overcoming trials by changing themselves through the process of overcoming.


To this, Arnett heralded the Kendrick brothers' ingenious style of framing relatable stories.

"What I loved about the Kendricks and Overcomer, is that at every point and time I can find a piece of myself in every character. You can identify with everyone at a different point and time in your life. It's about putting a life being lived in pictorial form and having someone say, 'Ok I can do that.'"

Arnett maintained that out of all that has come with success, "The most important thing is working among people whose lives have changed. There is nothing more satisfying than watching God illuminate someone. It's the entrance of God's Word that brings light. When they are able to emulate a life that they saw happening and find God's answer based on a film that they saw, I'm thrilled."

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By Pivotal Rachael Sales

February 1, 2021

(Atlanta, GA) Faith4Him Entertainment announced actor and filmmaker Cameron Arnett as director of the faith-based thriller Project Rapture and the TV series Special Forces Kids.

Cameron is known for his show stopping performances in the Kendrick Brothers’ Overcomer, the Erwin Brothers’ I Still Believe, (Seventeen Magazine’s Romantic Film of the Year 2020) and Karen Abercrombie’s Discarded Things.

He was awarded 2020’s Actor of the Year by the International Christian and Music Festival and 2020’s Best Supporting Actor by the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival for these roles.

Cameron made his directorial debut, however, with Mattie: The Discovery in 2019, winning best new producer, best director and best feature film among others.

Project Rapture is a government conspiracy theory thriller. When good and bad people go missing, conspiracies arise.

Special Forces Kids is a TV series about military brats trained to be special operatives in order to combat evil within the military.

Cameron will also be joining the cast of both projects.


About Fish4Him Entertainment

Fish4Him Entertainment is an independent Christian film company that produces, distributes, and acquires high-quality entertainment. Our goal is to produce film and television for all ages. Our VISION is to influence through media. We work across many film genres. We work from script-to-screen with a top-of-the-line professional look and sound.

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