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August 4 at 8:25 AM

The award-winning actor in television, film, and theater hailing from Port-Au-Prince Haiti and is also a film producer, a director, and a syndicated talk show producer and co-host talks about a life based on his faith, hard work, and merit.

We’re one on one with Cameron Arnett talking about a world in chaos, that is refusing to heed the calamitous warnings resulting from a choice to ignore God. Crime rates are skyrocketing, borders have fallen, sexual perversion, children more at risk than ever, from the womb to the classroom. So, what can we do to overcome the madness?

The Bill Martinez Show is broadcast live Monday - Friday at 1PM ET.

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By Cameron Arnett PR

November 29, 2022

This holiday season viewers are enjoying the Pure Flix Original Series 'Saved by Grace' with Cameron Arnett and Jennifer Taylor. You can join today for a limited offer of only $0.99/mo for 2 months. Then $7.99/mo. Offer ends Today, Nov 29.

The Pure Flix Insider describes 'Saved by Grace' as a "classic series that explores themes of forgiveness, redemption and divine intervention, angels on a mission from God..." In response to its recent success as the #1 series on Pure Flix, Arnett stated, "The word grateful is just not enough... all by the Grace of God." Arnett plays the role of Jeremiah.

In Pure Flix's original movie, 'Angelic Christmas', "the angel Celest enlists two sisters in her quest to earn her angel wings." This holiday original stars Karen Abercrombie as Celest and Cameron Arnett as Chief. This isn't the first time Arnett and Abercrombie have graced the big screen together. In 2017, they appeared in 'Extraordinary', however, are most known for their stellar father-daughter performance in Discarded Things also available on Pure Flix.

This success comes on the heels of Running the Bases which opened in theaters nationwide in September gaining a 97% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. Arnett plays the role of Sam Parker, a character described as insightful and brilliant yet quirky. While we can see a bit of Thomas Hill's 'Overcomer' wisdom in the character, audiences weren't expecting the lighter side of Sam Parker.

Be on the look out for the series These Stones from Cheryl McKay Price, writer of The Ultimate Gift and Extraordinary. Eleanor's Bench is a series set to release in 2023 as well.

Visit and subscribe to for the latest projects and follow on IG @Cameronarnettactor. Subscribe to Pure Flix to join thousands of others enjoying faith based family friendly content today as well.

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