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Actor Camy "Cameron" Arnett makes Directorial Debut in 'Mattie: The Discovery'

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

By Pivotal Rachael Sales

Life Behind the Camera

The actor we came to know and love as Thomas Hill in ‘Overcomer’, America’s #1 family film, has turned the next page in his career. This time he's stepped off the big stage to a role behind the scenes and he's making the most of it!

Camy “Cameron” Arnett made his directorial debut with the release of ‘Mattie: The Discovery’ in December 2019 at a sold out red carpet world premiere in Atlanta, Georgia.

Regarding its success, the producer and director says he takes no credit.

This is something that God has done, not something for which we have all of this know-how. We're just vessels that he used and He allowed us to take some credit along the way", Camy maintained.

The Steps Along the Way

With Camy and his wife Mrs. BJ Arnett at the helm as executive producers in tandem with their media company Camy Arnett Production Studios, Mattie made its first film festival appearance in 2018 and has been garnering awards nationwide ever since. Its successes include:

Branson International Film Festival, 2019:

Best Actress

Best Young Actor

Best Music Score

Peak City International Film Festival, 2018:

Best Feature Film

Best Teen Actress

Christian Media Association

Content 18, 2018:

Best Narrative Film

Best First Time Producer

Christian Film Festival 2018:

Best Feature Film

Best Director

Best Costumes / Props

Best Music and Sound

Best Writer

Oniros Film Awards, 2018

First Time Producer Winner

LA Edge Film Awards, 2018:

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress


Mattie is a redemptive story filled with revelation. It seems to begin in an era where the newly liberated south is free to continue in its old prejudices. However, it really begins in the heart of one young girl who is taken on a timeless journey initiated by loss and motivated by revenge.

Mattie Styles’ story begins in a home where her daddy is unsure of his footing, not truly in or out of her life, and not sure whether there is enough reason for him to choose to stay. Her mother suffers from a slow debilitating disease that steals her memories and saps her of her ability to be cognitively present in her family’s life. Her paternal grandmother, Betty Jean, is holding the family by its fraying foundation, as she struggles to remind her son of his obligation to his family, tries to anchor her daughter in-law’s mind to the NOW and prays for the protection of her grandson and granddaughter.

A tragic murder serves as the catalyst that awakens hidden gifts and introduces Mattie to a life of discovery and unexpected temptations. During the life shattering funeral Mattie experiences the dilemma of being between a road that leads to mercy, grace and forgiveness and one of bitterness and the use of her new-found abilities for evil.

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