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Cameron Arnett gives Oscar Worthy Performance in Kendrick Brothers' #1 Family Film 'Overcomer'

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

By Pivotal Rachael Sales

Life as an Overcomer

Actor Cameron Arnett co-starred in ‘Overcomer’, America’s #1 family friendly film in 2019. Cameron plays Thomas Hill, a blind, hospital bound diabetic who has found faith and is being reconciled to his family and life purpose.

Regarding Cameron’s performance in their sixth film, filmmaker and producer Alex Kendrick states, “In every film we've done there's always a character that will become the favorite character of the movie. In 'Overcomer', it's Thomas Hill played by Cameron Arnett. Cameron played that role so well. It is so difficult not to love this character, not to root for him.”

The Hard Choices

Since this release, Cameron has been featured in a multitude of publications including Fox News, Movieguide and the cover story of January 2020’s Believer’s Voice of Victory for his choice of faith over film in his early career.

Regarding Cameron’s walk away from Hollywood to follow God and now returning to the big screen, American film actor, screenwriter and stage actor,

Rich Swingle stated, “The Lord used Cameron’s obedience and season of apparent failure to position him for impact in the Kingdom of God. This shows in his Oscar-worthy performance in Overcomer.”

More to Come

This is only the next step in Cameron’s journey. He has appeared in eighteen films in the last seven years alone while producing, directing and writing. He made his recent directorial debut with the release of Mattie: The Discovery in December 2019.

When asked about Cameron’s past and upcoming performances, filmmaker and actor Karen Abercrombie (Miss Clara in the box office hit WAR Room) stated, “If you think his stand out performance in the Kendrick brothers’ movie, Overcomer is amazing, just wait until you see his work in my upcoming film, Discarded Things.”

You can see Cameron as Dr. Furst in Seventeen Magazines #1 Romantic film of the year, 'I Still Believe' set to release in the spring of 2020. Needless to say, there’s more to come from this Oscar worthy artist.

Follow Cameron Arnett on IG @CameronArnettActor.

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