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Cameron Arnett: From 'Overcomer' to 'I Still Believe' and Everything in Between

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

By Pivotal Rachael Sales

Cameron Arnett and KJ Apa at L.A. Screening for 'I Still Believe'

Keeping it Moving Cameron Arnett of Overcomer has garnered the attention of yet another top rated film role in I Still Believe, voted by Seventeen Magazine as "this year's # 1 Romantic Movie". It is set to release in theaters nationwide on March 13, 2020. In between his appearance as Thomas Hill in Overcomer and now as Dr.Furst  in I Still Believe, Cameron has been moving forward in film. He is featured in the  soon to be released Treasure Lies,  The Wager, and Discarded Things.

The Road Less Traveled 

Cameron Arnett is one who has experienced some of life's highest and lowest moments. Through it all he has maintained character, integrity, and faith. Having turned down a television series when asked to do partial body nudity to maintain his life of faith, Cameron has since accomplished much in the field of media and entertainment. Though he left Hollywood to maintain his convictions as a Christian, he has since returned to the big screen and appeared in eighteen films in the last six years alone while producing, directing and writing. With all that he has accomplished, he has never forgotten the rise from adversity to achievement.

Having His  Say with ET,

Entertainment Tonight 

As an author and speaker, Cameron has an unprecedented ability to apply the principles of acting to the stage of life. When speaking, he gives pragmatic steps that help listeners win Oscars on the platforms that really matter such as family, faith, finances, and identity. Speaking themes and topics include: • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges • Leadership Development • Film and Media • Team Building • Financial Planning • Identity • Faith and Family • Christian Faith

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